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Competition Obedience Classes now available!

Do you want your dog to know basic obedience commands? Are you struggling with a puppy or older dog who is "out of control" and makes your life a challenge? Do you want your dog to integrate better within your family?

It is my mission to help you train your dog to be a happy healthy and well-mannered member of your family, so you can enjoy his/her company and include him/her into your everyday routine.

It doesn't take a lot of time but it does take some committment and someone to help you learn how to bring out the best in your pet.

You're on the right track because you are researching dog trainers - bravo for you!

North Dallas Dog Training

Joanne P Doucet


I am happy to announce that I am now associated with What a Great Dog (WAGD) in Frisco, TX!
Please contact them at:
What A Great Dog! Training Center
10550 John W Elliott Dr, #200
Frisco, TX 75033



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